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Apple’s revolutionary smartwatch has been generating a lot of buzz since its release in early April, so it’s no surprise that Apple Watch accessories are already flying off shelves. From sport bands to leather options and even beautiful pouches; there is something for everyone!

If you’re still searching for the ideal Apple Watch accessory, we have assembled an array of our favorite picks for every need – from wallets that offer concealed storage space for cards or cash as well as compartments for straps; through keychains that come equipped with LED lights so that you can locate your keys easily at night – all the way up until jewelry pieces which will add a dash of chic style to any outfit!

For those who are eager to start exploring Apple Watch accessories, be sure to browse through our assortment below.

Apple Watch Screen Protector: JETech Flex tempered glass screen protector

Apple Watch screen protectors are designed to provide a layer of protection for your equipment from scratches and abrasions.

JETech’s tempered glass screen protector is the ideal choice for a lightweight, durable layer on top of your Apple Watch. The protector boasts an elastomeric adhesive that makes it easy to apply with just a single-handed operation; however take note that if you find yourself in need of assistance removing it afterwards – do not force removal as this may cause detachment!

Apple Watch Band: Casetana Premium Genuine Leather Strap

Now, we are offering a selection of bands to choose from. The luxe leather option provides just the right amount of ruggedness and sophistication for any casual look!

Apple Watch bands offer myriad customization options beyond choosing colors or designs. If you’re looking for an all-time classic, one strap out there is bound to tickle your fancy – such as the Milanese Loop in Midnight Blue; burgundy Natica Suede Band or even jet black bezels on the Tuxedo Black Leather Band!

Are you feeling playful and want to be the center of attention? Simply swap your standard nylon band with one featuring vibrant Jibbitz® charms or colorfully infuse it with brightly hued threading; if you crave some contrast, try a pop of red, blue or purple along with a subdued color scheme – this could make for quite an eye-catching accessory!

Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock: Anker PowerLine+

Whether you’re dedicated to a single color scheme or prefer to free up your wrist space with easy access to all of your Apple Watch’s functionality, an efficient dock comes in handy. This charging solution is one that sets itself apart with its innovative magnetic design; allowing users to effortlessly transfer their device between multiple Apple Watches while still maintaining access to both ports whenever necessary.

This exceptional accessory is compatible with all versions of the Apple Watch (including 38 mm and 42 mm models) – ensuring that no matter which device you own it will be fully supported. Its sleek design makes it suitable for any setting, whether at home or out on the town – making it an ideal companion for whatever excursion takes place!

The Anker PowerLine+ is a versatile cable that can be used to charge various devices, such as smartphones, tablets and e-readers. When combined with this Dock from Anker, you have the perfect mobile station for taking calls and exercising without interruption or hindrance!

Apple Watch Sports Band: MICRO Suede Band by MICROfibers

If you’re an avid sportsperson, then ‘sports band’ must be your go-to accessory for your Apple Watch. They really are versatile, and they come in a plethora of colors, materials, patterns and designs. However, if you want something casual yet sophisticated look – this MICRO Suede band is the one for you!

The MICRO Suede band by MICROfiberz comes in two sizes; small (25mm) and large (28mm). The design boasts suede fabric with a magnetic clasp closure for a sleek finish. This striking combination provides both comfort and durability!

Apple Watch Straps: Chrisp Apple Watch Strap and Nylon Stays Kit

If you’re partial to a more tailored look, then upgrading from the iconic Sports Watch band may be all you need. Crafted from premium fabric and a sleek design that caters for both genders of Apple Watch users, this versatile accessory offers comfort and can be interchanged whenever needed.

If you have an active lifestyle, be sure to check out Chrisp’s nylon straps with memory-foam padding – ideal for heavy use while hiking or other strenuous activities.

Apple Watch Band Extender: Suprema Apple Watch Band Extender

The Suprema Apple Watch Band Extender gives you the opportunity to customize your Apple watch band length and width. This ingenious adapter is compatible with all standard 22mm bands, like our selection here; allowing you to harness the versatility of these accessories!

If you’re averse to the appearance of the original connection between your Apple Watch and wristband, the extender can come in handy. It provides more flexibility in regards to sizing and style options – it could even become part of an aesthetic statement!


Apple Watch accessories can be a boon for health-conscious individuals, as well as those who seek to enhance the capabilities of their wearable device. With so many options available, it can be difficult to determine which option is best for you; however, you should always make an informed decision before purchasing any accessories!

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